Top Green Coffee Roasters for Home Use

1. Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster


Photo credits by Behmor

Coming in around $350, the Behmor 16000 Plus Coffee Roaster is an ergonomic, counter top coffee roaster that’s perfect for your kitchen. The Behmor 1600 has a one pound capacity roaster with a smoke suppression system so you can roast beans with no smoke. The 1600 Plus also has multiple settings to custom roast your coffee beans to your liking. Overall the Behmor is an excellent coffee roaster for its price range considering all the features it includes. Check out the list below for the pros and cons for the Behmoor 1600 Plus.

• One pound roasting capacity
• Built in smoke suppression system
• Low cost
• Great roast
• High upkeep
• Limited roasting options

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

2. Gene Cafe Home Coffee Roaster

Gene Cafe Home Coffee Roaster

The Gene Café Roaster can hold half a pound of coffee beans and uses a rotation process with an internal thermal air fan. The controls make it easy to control the time or temperature for the roasting process. The Gene Café Roaster features an oversized residue collector for the densest coffees, and it can be connected to a vent tube to flush the smoke out the window. The roaster is silent compared to other roasters. The Gene Café Home Roaster comes in around $600, so this roaster is geared more towards the expert coffee roaster.

• Professional grade coffee roaster
• Highly customizable time and temperature controls
• Unique rotation process for a single roast

• Price
• Requires vent tube to air out smoke

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10


3. HotTop KN-8828B Digital Drum Roaster


Photo credit by hottopusa

This expertly constructed coffee roaster is the of the most professional, high-quality coffee roasters on this list. This multi-purpose coffee roaster continues to improve over time because HotTop offers many upgrade kits to enhance your coffee roasting experience. The HotTop Digital Drum Roaster features a digital, LED display for controlling every detail of the roasting process, like the bean and the environmental temperature, displayed all in real time on screen. Although this roaster comes in at approximately $1,600, you can’t put a price on quality like this.

• Professional grade roasting technology
• Full LED controls
• Upgrade kits and software updates are available
• Fully automated

• Price
• Complicated controls for a beginner

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

4. The FreshRoast SR500

freshroast sr500

The FreshRoast SR500 is one of the best lower cost coffee roasters on the market today. This roaster uses a fluid bed air roaster instead of the conventional drum style roaster. This coffee roaster is pretty bare bones; It doesn’t feature a cooling system or a smoke control system, so you’ll have to fan the coffee maker while in use manually. One of the best methods to fan this roaster is by placing it under a stove top vent to help circulate the smoke out. Coming in at $170, the FreshRoast SR500 is the perfect beginner roaster.

• Low cost alternative
• Perfect beginner coffee roaster
• Easy to use

• No built-in cooling or smoke control system
• Requires daily cleaning

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

5. Wabash Popcorn Whirley Pop Popper

Wabash Popcorn Whirley Pop Popper

Photo credits by Whirleypopshop

If you’d like to try roasting coffee at home, but don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, there’s a cheap, fun and unconventional solution; the Wabash Whirley Pop Popper is a stovetop popcorn popper. There’s nothing fancy with this popcorn maker; it’s straightforward and efficient. The Whirley Pop doesn’t come with coffee roasting instructions, and roasting on the stovetop is a process. You’ll need to control the heat carefully to avoid burning. At $30, this is a fantastic, simple coffee roaster.

• Cost effective alternative
• Manual controls
• Easy to use
• No heat or smoke control

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

6. Hario Glass Home Roaster

Hario Glass Home Roaster

The Hario Glass Home Roaster is an excellent choice for someone only needs to roast a little coffee, the Hario Glass Roaster will prepare 50 grams of coffee at a time. This roaster requires no power source so that you can enjoy manually roasting your beans. The design is sleek and compact, allowing it to fit in even the smallest of kitchens. If you are looking for a simple coffee roaster and want to do it in style, this is the choice for you. This elegant hand roaster comes in around $200, so if you want to add some sophisticated style to your kitchen, this is the perfect roaster for you.

• High-quality construction
• Easy to use design

• Doesn’t use electricity
• Price
Overall Rating: 7 out of 10


7. Nesco 4842-47 Professional Roaster

Nesco 4842-47 Professional Roaster

The perfect roaster for the serious coffee maker. The Nesco 4842-47 roaster has plenty of room in it for you to make all the custom coffee roasts you desire. With tons of power and the ability to heat up to 450 degrees, your coffee roasting options are endless, and you will be able to prepare your coffee in no time. Coming in at a staggeringly low price of $70, Nesco does it again with this small, high-quality coffee roaster.

• High-quality construction
• Low price
• Very user-friendly
• Extremely compact
• No built-in ventilation system

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10


8. Swissmar Bravi Rotary Drum Home Coffee Roaster

Swissmar Bravi Rotary Drum Home Coffee Roaster

If you want a full body cup of coffee in a quiet yet powerful coffee roaster, the Swissmar Rotary Drum Home Coffee Roaster is the roaster for you. The Bravi roasts at a slower speed and lowers temperature to make sure your coffee beans are roasted to perfection in this rotary drum coffee roaster. If you’re a hobbyist coffee maker, the Bravi requires daily cleanings so take that into consideration before you purchase this roaster. At approximately $370, if you want a higher quality roaster for a decent price, check the Bravi out.

• Time and Temperature controlled
• One touch operation for particular roasts
• Ventilation port
• Dishwasher safe parts
• Requires daily cleanings

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10


9. IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster

IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster

How’s roasting coffee in minutes, with the touch of a button sound? The IKAWA Home Coffee Roaster makes the roasting process easier than ever. With this roaster, all you have to do is add your beans, put your mug underneath the spout and use your smartphone to start the brewing process and you’ll have fresh coffee roasted and brewed in 5 minutes. You can customize your roast with the IKAWA app. All this innovative technology comes in at $680 so if you’re serious about having the latest and greatest coffee roaster, be ready to put your money where your mouth is.

• Innovative design featuring your smartphone
• Highly customizable roasting options
• From bean to coffee in five minutes

• Price

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10


10. Huky 500 Roaster

Huky 500 Roaster

The Huky 500 is the roaster for the master coffee roaster enthusiast; this custom-made coffee maker is a beautiful piece of machinery. Produced by Kuanho Li in Taiwan, you have to send your ideal custom coffee roaster to the company to have your roaster made. Made of polished chrome and wood trim is a classic throwback of at-home coffee machines, you have the option to have an infrared burner or propane burner installed. The built-in fan does an incredible job at ventilating while you roast your coffee beans. Since the Huky 500 is custom, the price totally varies on what options you choose.

• Completely customizable
• Vintage Polished chrome and wood trim construction
• Built-in heating elements and temperature control fan
• Not Available for mass retail
• Could take up to 2 months for delivery

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10


11. Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

The Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster is the perfect coffee bean roaster for the minimalist, eco-friendly coffee lovers. This roaster is one of a kind made of ceramic and cowhide. Ideal for roasting coffee over open fires or on the stove. The ceramic is the perfect material to roast coffee beans due to its insulation qualities. Coming in at $40, this is the perfect roaster for camping or keeping things simple.

• Durable ceramic and cowhide construction
• Minimalist design
• Eco-friendly


• Requires open flame or stove

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10