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Roasting Service Fee: 100 lb - $250.00
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LIGHT ROAST - Our coffee beans undergo a precise roasting process, carefully reaching an internal temperature between 380°F and 405°F. We meticulously roast the beans until just after the first crack, ensuring they do not develop oils due to the controlled temperature. This light roasting method preserves the coffee's original flavor, accentuating its inherent acidity, and retaining the highest caffeine levels for a distinctive and vibrant taste profile. 

MEDIUM ROAST - Coffee beans are roasted until their internal temperature reaches a ranch of 410°F - 415°F, following the initial crack and preceding the onset of the second crack. This meticulous process yields a well-balanced flavor profile, exhibiting increased body and reduced acidity compared to a light roast, though individual variations may apply. 

DARK ROAST - Coffee beans withstand roasting beyond the second crack, achieve an internal temperature of 425°F - 430°F. the heightened temperatures lead to the emergence of oils on the coffee bean's surface. Dark roast coffees boast a luxurious, full-bodied flavor profile with diminished acidity compared to lighter roasts. 

FRENCH ROAST - Coffee beans experience roasting until they attain internal temperatures of 435°F - 440°F, resulting in the emergence of oils on the bean's surface. French Roast coffee, characterized by the caramelization of natural sugars during the roasting process, tends to diminish origin flavors while accentuating sweetness. These coffees develop a rich, smoky flavor, boast a full body, and exhibit decreased caffeine content and acidity. 

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that COPANTRADE LTD functions as a green coffee importer, not a coffee roasting company. Although we provide toll roasting services, roasted coffee is not among our offered products. It is crucial for customers to recognize and accept this distinction. Roasting services are exclusively facilitated by the third-party company Copan Coffee Roasters LLC, a subsidiary of COPANTRADE. By engaging with our services, customers agree to the terms outlined herein, and understanding that COPANTRADE operates solely as a provider of green coffee beans and not as a seller of roasted coffee.



Experience premium roasting and grinding services tailored to meet the unique preferences of our discerning customers. Our adept master roaster meticulously crafts optimal roast profiles for each origin, ensuring an unparalleled coffee experience. With a robust roaster batch capacity of 50 lbs, our services cater to quantities starting at 25 lbs, commencing at a very competitive rate per pound. To seamlessly order our services online, green coffee beans can be acquired separately in 5, 25 or 50 pound increments. Depending on the desired roast level, anticipate a moisture weight reduction ranging between 15% and 20%. Your meticulously roasted and ground bulk coffee will be delivered in a silver side gusseted bag with a valve, hermetically sealed for freshness. Kindly factor in an additional 2 days for delivery to accommodate our dedicated roasting schedule. Please note, all sales pertaining to roasting services are final. Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries before placing your order; our team is here to assist you.